Animal Nutrition

The Animal Recycling Sector is an important player in the sustainability of the national meat chain, preventing significant volumes of animal co-products from being improperly destined for the environment.

The Brazilian Animal Meal and Oil market that grows at a rate of 3 to 5 percent per year is pushed forward by the strength of the industry of the world’s largest exporter of animal protein, as well as the expansion of the Brazilian fishing industry. These products are widely used as ingredients in animal feed because of their high-energy value and high level of protein.

Ayamo Foods has strategic partnerships with the main producers of these raw materials in Brazil, offering products that respect the environment with the highest quality and hygiene standards approved by the world’s most demanding markets.


We work with:

– Fish Meals and Oils

– Poultry Meals and Oils

– Pork Meals and Oils

– Bovine Meals and Tallows