Ayamo Global Foods specializes in the international trade of foodstuff and is focused on seafood, meat (poultry, pork and beef) and animal nutrition products.

We rely on a dynamic and highly-qualified team with over 15 years of expertise in food exports from world-leading producers.

Our professionals, always attentive to market changes, are constantly seeking new possibilities and opportunities to best serve our customers and suppliers with excellence.

The main pillar of our company philosophy is PARTNERSHIP, carried out with transparency and professionalism. We believe in the synergy created by long-term teamwork, its importance in overcoming the obstacles of an increasingly competitive market, and in accomplishing business sustainability.


To be recognized, through its service and solutions, as the partner of choice, ideal to work and trade with and to accomplish its goals in a trustworthy and sustainable manner.


To create, through its values, sustainable operations which lead to customer satisfaction, opportunities and growth for all stakeholders – customers, partners and employees.


We consider our eight values the pillars of our company, which supports our business and also conveys our success:


This is the number one pillar. We believe that partnership is always the best way to tackle the challenges of business and life;


We value connecting different business, knowledge and experience together, believing it not only completes us, but also gives us strength;


Recognizing the speed at which change takes place nowadays, we believe it is vital to be dynamic so as not to be left behind;


Different situations and demands require different responses, which is why flexibility is such an important characteristic;

Business Sustainability

It does not suffice achieving the goals of one side only. We seek relationships which equally benefit all involved parties, so that we are able to provide continuity and regularity;

Focus and Commitment

We know that without it and without hard work, no satisfying results can be achieved. If we commit to something, we focus on it so that the job gets done;


We believe friendship is an important pillar because it precedes trust and provides for better communication, but we are always careful to remain professional;


We believe that without ethics, there can be no long-term partnerships whatsoever. This ultimate value completes us and supports all the others above, as well as the company.

Brazilian Office

Rua Doutor Nereu Ramos, 197 (Sala 1305)
Itajaí – SC – Brazil – CEP 88301-215

Uruguay Office

Juncal, 1408 – SL 503.
Montevideo – Uruguai – 11000

Dubai Office

Office 611, Level 6, Fairmont Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box 33964, Dubai – United Arab Emirates